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 Alexandre Froment, was born in January 12, 1997 at Montpellier. He grew up near the sea in south of France. At 16 years old, he had fallen in love with art. Drawing became one of his favorite hobbies. It is obvious that his mother, Nathalie Froment, internationally known painter, influenced him throughout his life and gave him his sensitivity to art. Since ever, Alexandre was confident in drawing. It is during his first plastic art lessons that he discovered his talent for art. He got used to make art in a daily basis. Drawing is now for Alexandre a real reason to live. Exhibitions and travels are his mains inspirations. For him each time is ripe to draw, on an evening, meanwhile he is waiting for the tram, or simply at home on his sketchbook. He can not help but externalize his imagination, he lives for and by his creations.  


Contact me / 06 52 22 68 43


21 street andréa palladio, Lattes 34970

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